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May 2 - 13, 2018

The SPACE - Las Vegas

Performance Schedule at THE SPACE Las Vegas

3460 Cavaretta Court • Las Vegas NV 89103


Wed      May 2    7:30 PM                               Wed      May   9    7:30 PM

Thu        May 3    7:30 PM                               Wed      May 10    7:30 PM

Fri           May 4    7:30 PM                               Wed      May 11    7:30 PM

Sat          May 5    5:00 PM                               Wed      May 12    5:00 PM

Sat          May 5    8:30 PM                               Wed      May 12    8:30 PM

Sun        May 6    5:00 PM                               Wed      May 13    5:00 PM


June 2 - 24, 2018

Hollywood Fringe Festival

The Largest Theatre Festival in the U.S.A.

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about ronnie brixton: the best of british boxing

An intimate, revealing look at the macho world of British boxing, the “gentleman’s” sport, told to us by BBC Boxing commentator, the infamous Ronnie Brixton. But for all the testosterone inherent in his banter, Ronnie holds a secret. A contrasting and provocative view of gender issues.

Top British Boxing Presenter and Commentator Ronnie Brixton presents "Best of British Boxing," an evening with the popular media personality. Four-time winner of the coveted British Sports Broadcasters Association (BSBA) Golden Microphone, Brixton promises an overview and breakdown of the great heavyweight matches of the late 20th and early 21st century, an insider's view of the Sport of Gentlemen, and his personal history growing up as the son of the late, much revered trainer George "King George" Brixton. Ronnie will take your questions, and if time allows, address the recent viral video regarding "the woman."

Lincoln Hudson and Byron Tidwell created the fictional character Ronnie Brixton with a story of an expert in the macho sport of boxing who holds a life changing secret. They did extensive research with assistance from Susan Dietrich, PhD., a Harvard neuroscientist and Elayne Wylie, a Seattle based diversity and inclusion trainer and educator, to develop a compelling story told through a celebrity career retrospective. The writers/performer/director are honored to present their effort at Hollywood Fringe 2017 with the solid producing team that includes Sharon Monroe and John F. Smith.