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We regret to announce that Lincoln Hudson, star and co-author of Ronnie Brixton - The Best of British Boxing passed away Monday afternoon, May 22, 2017. His death occurred following rehearsal.

Lincoln worked with co-author Byron Tidwell for over two years developing the script of the play and the character of Ronnie. He flew in to Las Vegas on May 15 to begin rehearsals for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017, and expressed his excitement for this production to everyone with whom he communicated.

He has a wealth of friends and colleagues who love him dearly and will miss him terribly.

The cause of death is not immediately known, pending release of information by Lincoln's family.

Cheers, Linky. We raise a glass to you.



What do you say or do when the star of your show, your dear friend, writing partner, and colleague passes away suddenly without prior indication that he might be ill?

Lincoln Hudson flew in from London on May 15. After a rest day, we started rehearsals in earnest. That's a bit of a misnomer. Lincoln had been working on the role for close to a year while he toured with the Aquila company. His first run through was so brilliant, that I phoned Sharon Monroe, one of the RB producers, to come and see the afternoon rehearsal. She was truly awed.

We proceeded through rehearsals, refining levels, working on nuance, rewriting sections of text that had issues. Everything was going swimmingly. We planned to add props to rehearsals beginning Wednesday. Monday, Lincoln spent the morning doing two line runs. We started our Monday rehearsal at 1:00. Around 2, he complained of a headache and I suggested we stop since I believed we were so far ahead. Additionally, Lincoln had booked a gig for the evening impersonating W.C. Fields for a Las Vegas Strip hotel/casino event.

I was to drive him to the event at five o'clock. At 4:30, I tried his cell with no answer, but I guessed he turned it off. Going to his room where he was staying in my house, I knocked and called for him. With no response, I went inside and found him passed away.

There is a frenzy of activities that happen when someone so young - Lincoln was 48 - and apparently healthy otherwise, dies. Police, detectives, CSI, coroner, and removal team must conduct their business. I did not know of Lincoln's family other than a brief mention Lincoln made. Miles Coleman, a mutual friend, contacted Beth Lujan, grandmother and custodial parent of Lincoln's beautiful daughter, and she was able to contact Lincoln's brother Nathan.

All of this occupies my mind near constantly.


I believe Lincoln wants us to go on with producing Ronnie Brixton. Producers John F. Smith and Sharon Monroe agree. Jack (John F.) in particular is actively moving this project forward. Very soon we will announce the new schedule and casting. We believe we will have Lincoln's blessing.

Thank you for your faith and belief in this project. Thank you for your love and caring for Lincoln. Thank you for your friendship.

As Ronnie says within the play: "Watch this space."

Byron Tidwell, co-author

May 25, 2017