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“David Shaughnessy is amazing! He brought us to tears with a sense of hope.” 
-Debbie Hall, writer for Broadway World 

Written by Byron Tidwell and the late (dearly missed) Lincoln Hudson and starring David Shaughnessy (of Labyrinth fame), “Ronnie Brixton – The Best of British Boxing” provides an intimate exposé of the macho world of British Boxing with insider stories of the great heavyweight matches andlife as the son of revered trainer "King George" Brixton as told by top BBC Boxing commentator Ronnie Brixton. 

Recently plagued by tabloid rumors surrounding his romantic life, Ronnie takes the stage to address his fans, take questions and reveal the secret origin of not only the tabloid rumors, but his very identity.

A contrasting and provocative look at the intersection of gender, sports, and identity, “Ronnie Brixton” is at once hilarious, touching, and deeply moving. 

We are so grateful for all the love and support!